That's what our customers say about us!

"We were very satisfied with the performance of the LIZARD Team and Outdoor Academy. LIZARD was very flexible when it came to event organisation. The programme proposals were tailored to our needs. The group participants were male and female managers of different ages. The coaches led the groups professionally and confidently".

"Interesting stations and tasks within an attractive location. Qualified, good and friendly support by the coaches".

"The event was extraordinary. It was very demanding for me personally and also brought me a little bit to the limit. To the limit between a high degree of cohesion and a healthy distance between the colleagues".

"As a result, the experience was great and I was proud to have taken part in everything."

"The joint search for solutions and the - only together possible - implementation supported the team building. Fears of contact among each other were reduced."

"Everyone could experience themselves and their colleagues in unfamiliar situations, nobody felt physically overtaxed. The culture of friendly and cooperative interaction was further enhanced."

"The participants had a lot of fun coping with the tasks. The activities have been more effective than some previous seminar events. Altogether a very meaningful meeting, which amounts to for the improvement of co-operation and the work results in enterprise."

"The team event was very well received by the colleagues. Thank you very much for your effort and great organization. All the best for you and see you soon hopefully."

"We had a fantastic Team Challenge. The spider's web was of course the highlight. We talked a lot about it today and recommended you accordingly."

Here you will find a selection of our customers, for whom we were allowed to work in the past. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again for the trust you have placed in us.

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